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Balscadden Parents Association in conjunction with Balbriggan Credit Union and Balscadden National School have launched a new School Credit union.

The Credit Union will be run by 6th class pupils with the supervision from the Parents Association.

The Credit Union is open for lodgement every Friday in the school with a maximum lodgement of €5.

All queries to the Parents' Association




Balbriggan Credit Union celebrates 40 years in business in July 2007. The credit union was set up in 1967 to help members to save on a regular basis, to make credit available at a fair and reasonable rate of interest and promote the welfare of their communities. The credit unions motto is “Not for Profit. Ten years later in 1977 the Credit Union was ten years old and had 1054 members. The total Savings were £147,000 and there was £143,000 out on loan.

In March 1984 the first computer system was inaugurated. In August 1990 the Credit Union moved to the converted Dr. Ryans house in Dublin Street. While it had taken twenty years to reach £1m in Savings, it took less than five more to reach £2m. In 1992 the Credit Union celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday. The 4,200 members had Savings of £2.19m and Loans of £1.97m. As the 90’s progressed, the Credit Union continued to grow and offer new services to its members, such as Deposit Accounts, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Bureau de Change, Travel Insurance, etc.

Today Balbriggan Credit Union has over 13000 members with shares over €30m and loans in excess of €24m. There are currently four school credit unions in operation one of which is Balscadden. For a full and more comprehensive history of Balbriggan credit union and a list of all our services visit our web site at